Vuze to Go

Vuze to Go

Run Vuze anytime, anywhere


  • Easy to use
  • Embedded torrent search engine
  • Fast, easy downloads


  • Requires a special menu (Ceedo)
  • Not free as its desktop version


Whether you already use Vuze as your standard BitTorrent client or not, you may find this new Vuze version very interesting.

Vuze To Go is a completely portable version of the popular BitTorrent app Vuze, which enables you download .torrent files and media files without leaving a trace on the host computer. Vuze To Go is installed and launched via a special tool menu called Ceedo, and is run entirely from your USB key.

The interface of Vuze To Go is as nicely designed and feature-rich as you would expect from a full desktop app. You get all the original Vuze functionality: you can subscribe to RSS channels to automatically download new episodes in your favorite TV show, have a contacts list with all your friends to share files with them, and a lot more.

On the downside, this portable version is not free – unlike the original desktop app – and if you want to save your downloaded stuff on the same USB key you're running it from, you'll need a pretty large one. Or just use a portable hard drive, for that matter.

Enjoy your favorite BitTorrent on the move with Vuze To Go, the portable version of Vuze with all the same powerful features and an exclusive channel.

Vuze to Go


Vuze to Go

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